Welcome to Walker ELD, your trusted partner in electronic logging solutions for the modern era of transportation. At Walker ELD, we understand the critical importance of seamless compliance with hours of service regulations. Our cutting-edge Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) empower commercial motor carriers and drivers to effortlessly manage and record driving hours, ensuring both efficiency and regulatory adherence.
With Walker ELD, you can say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and welcome a new era of smart, automated logging. Our user-friendly devices not only keep you compliant but also go beyond, offering advanced features like GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and insightful reporting. Navigate the roads with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable ally in Walker ELD, dedicated to enhancing safety, reducing administrative burdens, and optimizing your operations.
Explore the future of compliant and efficient transportation with Walker ELD – where innovation meets reliability. Join us on the journey towards a smarter, safer, and more connected road ahead
C Walker ELD System INC.
 President - Lidia Timco
Address: 1620 Ervin Ln, Pineville, NC 28134
Phone Number: 3128838684
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